19 km trail run near Dresden

This was a very scenic run around Oelsa, near Dresden. It had everything from great views to sandstone rocks to trails.

Length:19 km
Elevation:370 m
Route type:Loop
Pavement:Road and Trail
How to get there:Car
How to shorten/extend run:Shorten: At kilometer 11, you are running past your parked car again.
Extent: In the second part of the run, there are plenty of trails to follow. Maybe you can even run all the way to Talsperre Malter.

A friend of mine was kind enough to show me his preferred region for doing trail runs. So we headed out in the afternoon and ended up doing a good 2 hour loop, for a total of 19 km. The run was really gorgeous, with blue sky and perfect sunshine. We ran a bit through fields in Oelsa and at end through the protected nature preserve of Dippoldiswalder Heide (Wikipedia entry only available in German!). The highest point of the run was Lerchenberg, with 425 m.


Corn fields.
Rolling hills.
Into the forest.
A sandstone formation.
All photos.

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