My online running resources – September 2019

Here is an update on what online resources I am currently using to support my running.

Garmin Connect

I am using a Garmin Forerunner┬« 235 running watch which is configured to automatically upload data to Garmin’s online platform, Garmin Connect. I only use a limited set of features on the platform, such as looking at statistics of a run and long term trends like how many runs have I done in a month or how many kilometers have I run in a year. I do track my running shoes in Garmin Connect, so that I know how many kilometers I have run with every shoe. I configured Garmin Connect to automatically send all my runs to STRAVA, which brings me to my favorite social media site for runners…


STRAVA is where I share my runs, and where I look at runs from friends and colleagues. I am what is now called a Summit member, meaning I pay for STRAVA. I am not sure I get my money’s worth from the Summit membership, but I like to support the platform, and I like getting rid of advertising.

A nice feature of STRAVA is their Global Heatmap. I use it quite a lot to find routes when I plan a run in a city I have never been.

DC Rainmaker

DC Rainmaker is a site I visit for in depth reviews. I really enjoy Ray’s long reviews and product comparisons. In the past, the site has helped me quite a bit to determine which running watch to buy. To give you an idea, here is Ray’s write-up for the Garmin 230/235 and here the one for the Garmin 245/245 Music… a watch I am considering right now.

Runners World

Runners world is both a print magazine and a website. It provides interesting and sometimes inspiring reading about all kinds of running related topics. I personally don’t find their product comparisons and testing all that informative, but it is nice to get an overview of things like shoes or running shorts to start my own research.

Training Peaks

I am training for my first Marathon, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October. I am working together with a trainer, and he uses Training Peaks for all his athletes.

Google Maps

Google maps is a great tool to look at running routes and getting an idea of how things look before you actually get there.


Before settling on Garmin running watches and Strava as an online presence, I used a number of different ecosystems to store my runs. Tapiriik was my tool to sync all my runs to Strava. I used it only once to setup a connection between 4 websites and then copy all runs to STRAVA, but I highly recommend it to consolidate information from online running platforms.

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