6 km Run on the Port Island of Kobe – North Part of the Island

Before a full day of meetings I did a short early morning run at the Port Island of Kobe.

Length:6 km
Elevation:200 m
Route type:Loop
How to get there:Staying in any of the hotels on the Port Island of Kobe, or taking the Portliner from Sannomiya.
How to shorten/extend run:Shorten: You cannot go around the two universities on the west side of the island, even that that is likely the most scenic part of the run.
Extent: As you come back from the loop, you can extend it further south and go all the way to the bridge that connects the Port Island with Kobe airport.

I again started out at the Portopia Hotel in the center of the Port Island and ran towards the West. I got to the waterfront right between the Hyogo University of Health Science and the Kobe Gakuin University . The waterfront was already pretty busy with people fishing. I turned North and ran almost to the most northern part of the island, from which you have a great view of the Kobe Port Tower and the park around it as well as the City Center of Kobe. I then followed the Portliner back and finally ran through some of the residential area of the island. The residential part is certainly not the most scenic part of the run, but a pretty good view of how average Japanese are living in Kobe. The final attraction of this run is IKEA, which is located pretty close to the hotel. The building looks pretty much like any other IKEA in the world, except that it has a parking lot on the roof, instead of solar panels.


World Hall next to the Kobe International Exhibition Hall
Entrance to the Hyogo University of Health Science, directly at the shore.
Kobe Gakuin University – Port Island Campus
Running under Palms
Currently unused Terminal 1.
And of course…. IKEA!
All Photos.

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