14 km Imperial Palace and Olympic Park Run in Tokyo

After a long 13 hour flight, I was more than ready to get out and move my legs. And the run did not disappoint!

Length:14 km
Elevation:417 m
Route type:Loop
How to get there:The run starts and ends at Tokyo Station, a metro/train station that should be easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in Tokyo
How to shorten/extend run:Shorten: You can do just a run around the palace, that would make it quite a bit shorter, like cut it in half.
Extent: There is no obvious way to extend the run, other than running through a few more parts of Tokyo, or doing another loop around the palace.

This run was heavily inspired by a post on japantravel.com, where they talk about the imperial palace route. I did that, and then some more.
I started out at Tokyo Station, one of the busier metro and railway stations in Tokyo. I ran west towards the imperial palace and then turned right to run around the palace counter clockwise… which apparently is required. I did not see any signs that I could read, but I also did not see a single runner running the other direction, while there are plenty of runners on the sidewalk!. After about 5 km, I went off the palace route and arrived at the Adidas RunBase Tokyo. I had read about the RunBase on japantravel.com, and it was a great find. I stopped there, and rented a pair of Adidas UltraBoost 19 for the next 6 km of my run. This allowed me to directly compare my current Adidas EnergyBoost with the new UltraBoost. I had never rented running shoes, and this was quite a unique experience.
With the new shoews, I ran around part of the Olympic Park that is being prepared for Tokyo’s 2020 summer games and then returned the shoes. I then finished the run by closing the palace loop and ending at Tokyo station.


The start of my run, modern Tokyo.
Well maintained pine trees as the Imperial Palace.
The outer walls of the Imperial Palace.
One of the entry gates.
RunBase Tokyo. They have equipment rental as well as showers and lockers.
Olympic Stadium
Some of the course has super fine mist… actually so fine that one hardly feels anything!
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