9 km Run from the Port Island to the Kobe Port Tower

A beautiful morning run from the port island across Kobe bashi to the city of Kobe and the Kobe Port Tower.

Length:9 km
Elevation:182 m
Route type:Loop / Out and back
How to get there:Staying in any of the hotels on the Port Island of Kobe, or taking the Portliner from Sannomiya.
How to shorten/extend run:Shorten: You can pretty much turn around at any point, even though I would suggest to run at least half way across the bridge, to get a good view of the city of Kobe.
Extent: Once you are at the Kobe Port Tower, you can continue running along the waterfront further south and then turn around.

I started early and made my way directly to Kobe bashi, the bridge that connects the Port Island with the city of Kobe (Bonus: Bashi is Japanese for bridge). The entrance to the bridge is easy to find, signs in both Japanese and English are pointing the way. The run across the bridge is somewhat scenic, as you can see a good part of the harbor, but you also get to see quite a lot of cars and roadways. Once across the bridge, I turned left, heading for the Kobe Port Tower, where I turned around and basically ran the same route back. Close to the turnaround point is a small outdoor display of the devastation that the 1995 earthquake has caused, and in general the most scenic part of the run is around the Kobe Port Tower.


The path from the hotel to Kobe bashi.
Very nice piece of art on the way from the Hotel to the bridge.
Panorama of the East part of the Harbor.
It may not look like it, but there is always a dedicated pedestrian walkway!
One of the hotels close to the Kobe Port Tower.
Kobe Port Tower
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