10 km Exploring Chicago South Lake Shore

After a long run two days ago from the south into the city center, I went for shorter run today, going from McCormick Place south to 31st Harbor.

Length:10 km
Elevation:22 m
Route type:Loop / Out and Back
How to get there:Car, or you are staying in one of the conference hotels next to the McCormick Place convention center.
How to shorten/extend run:Shorten: You can turn around at any point, as this is more or less and out and back run.
Extent: You could go further south on the Lakefront Trail.

This was another beautiful early morning run. I started out at the McCormick Place convention center and ran up to 18th street, where I crossed over the train and the interstate. I then ran up and down a what they labeled “sledding hill”, which is between the parking garage and the harbor and then got onto the lakefront trail. From there I ran a little over 3 km on the trail before I turned around and ran more or less the same way back. Since I did not want to cross at 18th street again, I decided to explore how to use the convention center to get over the interstate and the train tracks. As the route shows, just at the beginning of kilometer 9, I cross over the bridge between the two parts of the convention center and then make a right hand turn. I would not advice to do that, as you are basically running through the loading dock of the convention center. Instead of running around the building, simply go through the building! There is a metro station in the building, so there is a fair chance that the building is open more or less 24 hours anyway. Just try a few of the doors, I am pretty sure they are open.


View from my hotel room over South Chicago.
Beautiful sunrise from sledding hill, south of Soldier Field.
View of Soldier Field from Sledding Hill.
Chicago downtown high rises from further south.
Sunrise over Lake Michigan.
All photos.

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