11 km Evening Run in Shinagawa, Tokyo

After recovering from my first marathon, I am starting to train for a new personal best at an upcoming half marathon. This is the first step, intervals.

Length:11 km
Elevation:231 m
Route type:Out and Back
How to get there:The run starts very close to Shinagawa station, which can be reached by various metro lines. Or you are staying in one of the hotels close to Shinagawa station.
How to shorten/extend run:Shorten: Since this is an out and back run, you can pretty much turn around at any point.
Extent: You can continue running along the Meguro river, you can run back and follow the Meguro river in the other directs for a good 2 km.
Water stops:There are none on this route, and I am not sure how easy it is to get water for free in the convenience stores along the route. But you can bring a few hundred YEN and buy a bottle of water at all the vending machines along the route.

After my flight to Tokyo was delayed yesterday, I arrived at the hotel in Shinagawa just before midnight. So I slept rather long and after a day in Tokyo I finally got out for a run in the late evening. I looked for running routes and found a number of websites that talked about the Meguro river. Since that was more or less close to my hotel, I headed there and ran along the river for a bit over 3 km before turning around. The first 2 km of the run are mostly downhill, and since this is an out and back run, this means that the last 2 km are mostly uphill. It was a beautiful run and there were plenty of other runners on that route. I later looked at the Strava Global heat map and discovered that the Meguro river is indeed a popular destination for runners. Of course, not as popular as the Imperial Palace. Most of the intersections on the run are small and have no traffic lights, but there are a few larger ones, where you have to wait for the signal. It seems Japanese people rarely walk on a red signal, so it would be very rude to do that as a foreigner.


All the paths were well lit.
The smaller streets were pretty empty for my run.
But the larger ones were still busy.
All photos.

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