Author: Robert

26 km from Meissen to Dresden

Today I did a run in the morning. I took the S-Bahn from Dresden Hauptbahnhof to Meissen, and ran back.

15 km along the Elbe and up to Dresden Südhöhe

After a day of sight seeing in Freiberg, a small city close to Dresden, I decided to head out for a run. I took a bus almost all the way to Schloss Pillnitz and...

23 km along the Elbe in Dresden

After a long flight, I headed straight for the Dresden fair/exhibition center, parked the car and did a nice and flat run along the river Elbe.

10 km Exploring Chicago South Lake Shore

After a long run two days ago from the south into the city center, I went for shorter run today, going from McCormick Place south to 31st Harbor.